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Blueberry Blue





blue berry blue-SS.jpg

Pick a delicious tone of nature.

Bright blue and fun. A safe choice for the fashionistas that want a differentiated accessory.


CloseUp Blå.jpg
Grey copy.jpg
Grey B copy.jpg
Ordne hår.jpg


Gentle Grey


gentle grey-SS.jpg

A safe choice, subtle yet elegant.

A reflective button that hides. Hides in your garment and seen when needed.

Jens Grey M 2-SS.jpg
Grey copy.jpg
Grey B copy.jpg
At night.jpg


Striking Red




Striking red-SS.jpg

Easily noticed. Keep calm & carry on.

Screaming bright red not afraid to make a statement. Easily noticed on simple winter garments.


Rød CloseUp.jpg
Red copy.jpg
Red B copy.jpg


Forest Green


forest green-SS.jpg

Enter mother nature, pine, moss & leaves.

Forest Green is discrete simple, easily hidden.
But ready when needed.

Grønn CloseUp.jpg
Grey copy.jpg
Green B copy.jpg
Grønn Stor CloseUp.jpg


Vibrant Yellow



vibrant yellow-SS2.jpg

Welcoming warmth to stand out from the crowd.

Warm bright yellow ready to stand out and be seen. Simple, clean and heated.

Rett på.jpg
Yellow copy.jpg
Yellow B copy.jpg
Nedre Stølen.jpg


Perfect Plum



perfect plum-SS.jpg

Appealing sweetness - ripe for picking.

Elegant royal colour, discrete and trustworthy.
Simple and clean.

Jens i skog 02-web.jpg
Yellow copy.jpg
Plum B copy.jpg
Snodig vinkel2.jpg